Flight (MD/NP/PA) and Paramedics

We are looking for both flight providers (Physician or Midlevel) and paramedics

We are seeking for a full-time provider (DO, MD, PA-C, or NP) who is looking for a new challenge in life. You will bring tertiary level care to the critically ill and injured patients in the field. You can enjoy a good work life balance working two days on then six days off. The ideal candidate will have a great personality, a desire to be on the leading edge of prehospital and retrieval medicine, and possess the knowledge and skills to resuscitate the most critical of patients. We have a robust training program but you must come ready to learn as much as ready to share your own knowledge.

You must be able to

  • Provide and/or assist with the provision of life supportive, stabilizing, comprehensive care and interventions to patients encountered through the course of professional practice.
  • To practice this in collaboration with other medical and emergency service providers. This collaboration will be effected to the purpose of establishing continuity of care by applying problem solving strategies to patient case challenges; adapting to a dynamic, at times challenging environment; and advancing treatment modalities as well as interventions with the end goals of providing the highest patient care and improving patient outcomes.
  • To engage in clinical duties which will encompass assessment, triage, treatment, and transport of patients. The foundations of such will be introduced (though not exhausted) in the company’s critical care guidelines.
  • To play an active role in monitoring and maintaining a culture of crew safety. Vigilance will be emphasized and expected, first and foremost to help identify points for improvement. Moving forward from that the goals are to foster dialogue and drive continuing education internally to create a focus on safety.
  • To provide forward-positive movement within the field of Critical Care Medicine internally by contribution to QA/QI processes as well as externally through involvement in the medical community at large (through education, publication, and research).
  • You must be a problem solver, a person who looks for and finds solutions in difficult circumstances.


Essential Tasks

  • Proficiently assesses the nature and severity of patient condition as well as prioritize and initiate care required for safe, efficient transport of the patient.
  • Provides critical care-level service continuously from initial contact with the patient until care is relinquished at the receiving facility.
  • Readily applies concepts of differential diagnosis to dynamic and complex critical care patients.
  • Performs advanced skill procedures including (though not limited to):
    • Video Laryngoscopy, RSI, RSA, Airway Endoscopy, Cricothyrotomy, Thoracostomy, Clam shell Thoracotomy, Pericardiocentesis, Escharotomy, & Lateral Canthotomy.
    • Mechanical Ventilation, Medication Administration, Initiation of IV Infusions, Blood Product Administration, Arterial Line Access/Monitoring
    • Impella and IABP Maintenance, Toco-Monitoring
    • ECG Acquisition/Interpretation, Defibrillation/Cardioversion/TCP, Lab Testing/Interpretation, & Ultrasound Examination
  • Effectively communicates and collaborates with other critical care providers toward the goal of providing care that will meet the best possible outcome for the patient.
  • Efficiently and effectively relays necessary patient information and details of care to receiving facility with the goal of establishing good continuity of care.
  • Documents patient contact both cogently and thoroughly.
  • Maintains proficiency in clinical and aviation safety knowledge as well as psychomotor skills by participating in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual training requirements.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in use and routine maintenance of all medical equipment and supplies utilized by the company.
  • Shows proficiency and mindfulness to safety in aviation crewmember responsibilities, including (but not limited to): participation in pre-mission briefings, debriefings, interpersonal crew communications, walk-arounds, NVG use, patient loading and unloading, checklist review, radio operations, navigational assistance, and emergency procedures.
  • Consults, reviews, and trains with medical director in regards to the practice of advance scope skills and procedures.
  • Communicates with other involved care providers for follow-up.
  • Diligently participates in base upkeep and aircraft restocking duties.


Contributory Expectations

  • Maintains constructive and positive attitude and relationships with respect to the job, one’s peers, and other agencies.
  • Contributes to education outreach and safety programs.
  • Exemplifies a self-driven work ethic to improve one’s own clinical proficiency and knowledge in addition to the medical community around them.
  • Provides a supportive clinical and operational presence for home hospital staff and/or adopting agency crews.
  • You will be expected to contribute something for publication annually at the minimum either on your own or as part of a Trans Aero group.
  • Contributes to the betterment and advancement of the HEMS community by fostering a positive influence on other air and ground transport programs when and wherever the opportunity arises.
  • Comes home safe after every mission.



  • State Licensure (DO, MD, PA-C, NP)
  • ACLS
  • PALS
  • Trauma Certification (PHTLS, ATLS, TNATC…)
  • NRP
  • Pass all entry testing
  • Must maintain all certifications without interruption for duration of employment.
  • Must be able to lift 80lbs at a minimum of waist height. Additionally, must be able to walk, climb, stoop, crouch, kneel, balance, as well as demonstrate sufficient manual dexterity, audial faculty, and visual acuity (aided or unaided) to perform requisite duties to include an acceptable weight for helicopter operations.
  • Must pass both pre-hire and random post-hire drug-screening exams.


Work Environment

  • Proximity to Rapidly Moving Mechanical Parts
  • Emotional, Out of Control, and/or Combative Individuals as well as Crowds
  • Vibration, Turbulence, Loud Noise, and general Physiological Stress of Flight
  • Duty Time beyond what is scheduled for the Fulfillment of Leadership Duties and/or Completion of Missions.
  • Confined Spaces for Long Durations of Time
  • Anticipate exposure to
  • Weather Extremes (Heat, Cold, and Solar Radiation)
  • Blood-borne and Airborne Pathogens
  • Hazardous Chemicals and Vapors
  • Fire and Electrical Hazards
  • Animal (Bird or otherwise) Encounters
  • High-Altitude Concerns (Hypoxia, Weather Changes)
  • Wilderness Survival (In the event of Emergency Landing)
Employment Type
Job Location
Southeastern New Mexico
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Position: Flight (MD/NP/PA) and Paramedics

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