Trans Aero MedEvac is an air medical transport company formed in the principals of excellence in aviation safety and clinical medicine.

In business since 1966, Trans Aero LTD primarily focused on heli-fire fighting activities, as well as contracted helicopter services and maintenance. 
In 2016, they joined forces with EMSRx, a company known for clinical excellence and support services, to bring a quality focus back to air medicine.

From providing scene calls and interfacility transports, to serving both adult and pediatric patients, we believe in providing the highest level of care to all, no matter what the situation calls for. 


We invest heavily in our clinical capabilities. From the initial training and quality management that far exceeds industry standards, to advanced capabilities and equipment (including blood products, ultrasound machines, and the latest technology in mechanical ventilation), you will not find another group that prepares harder to bring you the highest level of patient care. By offering the most advanced diagnostics and patient interventions in Northern Texas and Southern New Mexico, Certified Flight Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Paramedics, and Nurses trained to the highest standard in the industry, you can also count on our team to bring the latest in clinical technology and practice.


Safety is at the forefront of our organization. Our pilots are among the highest time in the industry, with some of the best training available. We equip all of our helicopters with the latest in safety equipment, including the recent upgrade to white phosphorous Night Vision Goggles, designed to enhance our vision beyond the previous version.


As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and quality air medical transport, Trans Aero MedEvac holds a National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Applications certificate (NAAMTA). To learn more about the NAAMTA accreditation process, please visit here.


Committed to Excellence in Transport Medical Care, our mission is to bridge critical moments with compassionate, safe, swift, and cutting-edge medical interventions while ensuring the well-being of our staff, communities, and customers Serving our communities, we leverage our versatile fleet of helicopters and fixed-wing assets to deliver superior care, ensuring every life we touch receives the highest quality of medical attention. Our unwavering dedication to safety and our team creates a healthier tomorrow. 

Scope of Care 

Trans Aero MedEvac is a critical care air transport provider, operating both fixed wing and rotor wing interfacility and scene call patient transport for all segments of the population. We are licensed to operate at the highest levels of critical care in the air ambulance industry, with advanced training and equipment (such as blood products, ultrasound machines, and the latest technology in mechanical ventilation) to treat both pediatric and adult patients. With an internal specialty care team comprised of Certified Flight Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Paramedics, and Nurses, we strive to operate at a level of care that far exceeds the traditional standards of in-flight medicine.




Kevin Shields has 38 years of aviation maintenance experience, with 33 years in a management role in support of helicopter maintenance and flight operations. Kevin has established two FAA Repair Stations and has previously held the positions of Mechanic, Shop Foreman, Chief Inspector, General Manager, and Vice President. He currently serves as President of Trans Aero Ltd. Kevin holds an FAA mechanic certificate and has in the past held IA and ODAR certificates.



Matthew Goertz is a commercial helicopter pilot with instrument, CFI, and CFII ratings, as well as over 12 years of commercial experience. His previous experience includes: FAR 135/133 operations, animal census, animal capture, firefighting, offshore, SAR, seismic, and tour operations. He is currently qualified as a Short-Haul pilot for the DOI. Matthew has previously served as a Check Airman/Instructor, and Chief Pilot.



Elizabeth has been a commercial pilot for 13 years, with CFI as well as CFII ratings. Her previous experience includes tour operations, seismic, fire, and powerline patrol. She received a Bachelor of Science from Embry Riddle in Aeronautics with a minor in Aviation Safety.



Ken Davis joined Trans Aero in 2016. A seasoned veteran in both air and ground medical transport operations, he brings almost three decades of EMS experience to our organization. Ken is also a leader in the EMS Quality Assurance and CQI sectors of the EMS industry, with special focus on difficult airway management.

Trans Aero Ltd, also known as Trans Aero LTD Helicopter Services, is authorized to do business under FAR 135, 133, 137. The main focuses of the company include government contracts and wildland fire fighting. The Trans Aero LTD helicopters are designed for hot/high temperatures and altitudes, as well as transporting material externally, operated by highly skilled vertical reference pilots. Other missions we have been involved in include: passenger transportation, mountain rescue, aerial filming, and disaster relief. Trans Aero LTD Helicopters’ corporate office is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and our main base of operations is in Loveland, Colorado. We do a lot of work in the Rocky Mountain region, but also all across the nation.