At Trans Aero MedEvac, we believe in providing the most advanced Critical Care patient transport available.

From our advanced onboard technology, to ongoing staff training, we are consistently striving to be a leader in the medical field. Whether providing a scene call or interfacility transport, to transporting adult or pediatric patients, we believe in excellence of care in all that we do.
We are grateful to be a part of each and every area we serve, and believe it is our duty to play an active role within them.
We invite community members to attend our monthly training sessions, and have an open-door policy on most everything we do.


As a Critical Care transport service, we invest heavily in our clinical capabilities. From the initial training and quality management that far exceeds industry standards, to advanced capabilities and equipment (including blood products, ultrasound machines, and the latest technology in mechanical ventilation), you will not find another group that prepares harder to bring you the highest level of patient care. By offering the

At Trans Aero MedEvac, we invest heavily in our clinical capabilities. Our onboard equipment is consistent with the latest standards within the medical industry, and our ships are equipped with many life-saving tools unique to our programs. Equipment includes:

  • Hamilton T1 ventilator
  • Blood products (Whole blood and liquid plasma)
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Toco monitor


Our crew is the foundation of our business. All of our Certified Flight Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Paramedics, and Nurses are trained to the highest standard in the industry, and equipped to provide the latest in clinical technology and practice. The majority of our flights include either a Physician, PA, or NP, to ensure the best care available in air medicine.


Trans Aero Ltd, also known as Trans Aero LTD Helicopter Services, is To download a copy of our medical services and capabilities brochure, please click here