Trans Aero MedEvac Announces Continuation of Eddy County Resident Membership Program

Trans Aero is pleased to announce the continuation of its Eddy County Resident Membership Program, made possible through the generous support of the Written in Red Foundation and PY Foundation. The program provides all residents of Eddy County with an automatic Trans Aero MedEvac air ambulance membership, at no additional cost to them. To read more about the program, please visit, and learn more about the supporting foundations below:


PY Foundation is a private family foundation located in Artesia, New Mexico, with a primary focus on funding in Artestia. Recently, the foundation has shown great interest in the rural communities surrounding Artesia-Dexter, Hagerman, and Lake Arthur.

Through its granting cycle, PY Foundation strives to support success in Artesia in hopes that once the grant-funded programs are successful, they will transmit that success to other rural areas and communities in New Mexico.

To learn more about the work PY Foundation is doing, please visit

Written in Red Foundation

The Written In Red Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of citizens in Artesia and Southeast New Mexico by supporting organizations that promote education, create access to health care, provide crisis assistance, and offer spiritual guidance. 

To learn more about the work that Written in Red Foundation is doing, please visit

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